Patriot Partnership Program

The Perfect Partnership.

We bring comprehensive financial planning to the clients of CPA firms, law firms, property & casualty agencies, associations, banks and credit unions and other professional partners whose business values and standards align with our own high ethical standards.

Partnering can help you build a more robust and thriving practice with an ongoing revenue source. The partner remains in their discipline and compensation is then shared. Regulations vary by state. Our experienced team works closely with advisors throughout this process. There are opportunities to share revenue on wrap and fee accounts. There are additional opportunities to share cases on life insurance, long-term care insurance, disability insurance, and fixed annuities. Partnering gives you more control over how you grow your practice. We provide the resources to support your efforts.

We start by helping to interview and qualify partner candidates.
We then help onboard partners by walking them through the necessary documents.
The relationship continues with education, training, resources, and targeted campaigns.

The benefits are clear. Our advisors get to meet new qualified clients. Partners earn an additional revenue stream from their existing relationships. Clients receive care and attention from an experienced advisor to help them reach their financial goals.

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